Interactive Dialogue

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Lecturer: Interactive Dialogue ALICE and CATH are close friends who have not seen each other for quite a long time. CATH makes a point of visiting ALICE and they both seat in her living room.ALICE: It occurs to me that your boss is completely obsessed with the aspect of punctuality.CATH: (nodding) indeed he is. ALICE: Does he tell it to your face when you are even a minute late?CATH: (Kidding) not only does he react to a minute but also when you are a second late.ALICE: Lately, has your boss been coming to work?CATH: No. He has not been coming to work for the last three months.ALICE: (Amazed) Three months! That is quite long.CATH: Yeah…I do not know what caught up with him.ALICE: Do you prefer your old boss to the new one?CATH: Loads, my old boss…he was very kind to me.ALICE: As a gesture of his kindness…I remember he even sent you flowers while you were in hospital.CATH: That was awesome. I will always owe him the gratitude.ALICE: Was he good about your time off in lieu.CATH: (sighs) a quality that Mr. Hambley lacks. He always puts me under pressure making me have a feeling that I am not entitled to that right.ALICE: But it is your right to have some time off from your job.CATH: Indeed it is my right and I will make a demand for it.A moment of silence…..CATH: We have been talking about my boss. Tell me about yoursALICE: Barbara? She’s simply goodCATH: Does she take on board what you have to say?ALICE: She does consult me on some issues regarding my work.CATH: (relaxing) it’s been quite since we had an interactive talk. I enjoyed your company. It only proves how close we are.ALICE: It has been a pleasure talking to you Cate.