Integrating the Curriculum through Thematic Teaching

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Using Word your thematic unit resource must include the following: Unit Introduction: For your introduction please include the following: Explain the benefits of a thematic curriculum to teachers, children, and to the program. Describe the explicit connection between the principles of effective thematic teaching and developmentally appropriate practice. Describe how thematic curriculum and instruction aligns with your philosophy of education. Lesson Plans: Use the Lesson Plan Template to develop four lessons that are all connected to your central theme for your unit. Each of your lessons will focus on a different developmental domain and must be developmentally appropriate. In addition, use the Lesson Plan Template to create each of your lessons. The guidelines for creating your lesson plans around each domain are as follows: Self-Regulation: Develop a lesson using one of the self-regulation objectives you created for your Week Three Self-Regulation in Curriculum assignment; your lesson must be connected to your unit theme (Fruits and Vegetables) to teach this objective. Social/Emotional: Create an Aesthetic and Affective Lesson Plan Cognitive and Physical Development: Develop a complete lesson plan using the physical activity you proposed in the Neuroscience, Cognition, and Physical Activity: Make sure that your lesson is connected to the overall theme (Fruits and Vegetables) of your unit. Language Development: Develop a literacy based lesson plan. Make sure that your lesson is connected to the overall theme (Fruits and Vegetables) of the unit. Unit Evaluation: Evaluate your thematic unit using the Activity Plan Self-Check that is found in attachement. Discuss, using specific examples from your Activity Plan Self-Check, how you know your unit is aligned. Rationale and Conclusion: Summarize how a thematic unit, such as the one you developed, coincides with Wilson’s (2014) The Profile of a Modern Teacher image below by including the following: Describe how the unit you developed was based on intentional planning. Explain how you will engage families in the thematic unit you have planned. Wilson, R. (2014). The profile of a modern teacher [Image]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)11/05/202050education