Insuring presence in the classroom and the school as an educational leader

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Ensuring presence in the room and the school as an educational leader An educational leader uses different kinds of strategies to ensure his presence in the classroom and the school. The first strategy is time management. The educational leader is punctual and keeps track of time. Most educational leaders have personal means of transport and they tend to ensure that the vehicle is always fueled so that if they have to be present in the classroom or school in emergency, they have all the means to achieve that. He tries to reach the classroom at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance so that delays caused by any unexpected circumstances can be catered for. The second strategy used by the educational leader is planning. He plans the lecture before appearing in the class on stage in advance. This helps him divide different parts of the lecture according to breaks within the class and the total time he has for the lecture. As a result of this, no time is wasted and the lecture is delivered without having any time wasted or having the students feel lethargic. The educational leader keeps a schedule with him. Knowledge of the lectures and their time and location helps the educational leader not only prepare the lectures in time but also settle other businesses according to the lectures’ schedule. Last but not the least, the rules established by the principal make the educational leader conscious about being punctual. Such rules include but are not limited to marking of the attendance, and imposition of fine for being late.