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Instructions:Topic Area:  Emotional IntelligenceI have attached the prior papers so they can be used to build upon the topic.Have to Use a Reference from this bookHBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing People (2011). Harvard Business Review Press.  ISBN: 9781422158012.Harvard Business Review. ( 2011).Final Paper Outline- please include these elements with a focus on your topic area and on organizational behavior from the readings, videos, and as discussed in the class. You may use work from prior papers to build upon, as well as the discussions. videos, and articles that offered excellent resources throughout the course.o A title page -APAo Introductiono Review of Literature (this must include at least six (6) academic peer-review journal articles or scholarly reports, one book, the textbook, and may include two secondary sources. A total of six (6) sources minimum plus two (2) citations from the textbook from the last two chapters (or as appropriate for your selected topic) and as long as there is a relationship to organizational behavior. o The review of the literature requires clear and concise writing, a logical flow of ideas, and must support organizational behavior and managing others with a focus on your selected topic area.o This work encourages the application of creativity, critical thinking, and your opinions or ideas.With a brief review of the literature, please incorporate these questions that are in bold font in the literature review section of the paper that makes sense to you:If you focused on a particular section from the textbook for this research paper, what were the main themes found in the research that supported our coursework? Give examples from the textbook and sources.If not, what were the main themes found in the research that provided a direct correlation to what you wanted to know about organizational behaviors? Give examples from the textbook and sources.What relevance or important aspect of the research that you completed presented new learning for you?What was one of your favorite sources found in the research that really resonated and supported your topic area well? Provide a conclusion with an analysis of the literature and supporting data researched with a summary that includes a personal reflection of key learning outcomes from the coursework, and how would you move this work forward and/or not and why(?)Finally, are you pleased with your work and learning outcomes from this paper?As always include:o APA – citations according to APA standards and video clips or media files are allowedo Paper is to follow APA standards, double space and should not exceed six (6) pages. This does not include the title page or reference page.Although the paper is more informal than a full research paper, it is still to follow standards for academic writing. It needs to be double-spaced as well as paginated. It should be no longer than six (6) pages.