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Compare 2 essays:  MARIAM TOEWS “A FATHER FAITH” and
1-JONATHON SWIFT ” A MODEST PROPOSEL” OR  2-ZORA NEALE HURSTON “HOW IT FEEL TO BE COLOURED ME” 1-The introduction has to have thesis statements that have the 2 essays together and the points or the comparisons that you find between them and that will be explain it in the next paragraphs.2- (theirs is 2 ways of compere’s essays but I want point-by-point essay which is just write about the 2 essays about 1 point in the same paragraphs as so compere between them)3-Example of comparison (chose what you see between the 2 essays only)ToneStyle PurposeEvidenceArgument Diction/ language Message  4- explain ( always prove your point with quotation from the essays only, note fact)