Institutional Racism Impact on Education Employment and Health

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al Racism and its Impact on Education, Employment, and Health A completely color blind society is what that is most welcomed in a democratic form of government but despite every sort of constitutional rights and social enigma the curse of racism continues to dominate even the most developed and civilized states of the world. This racism is not only confined within the socio- economically backward section of the population but has crept into various strata of the society and institutions, no matter private or public, are no exceptions. If educational institutions are taken into account in a first world country like Canada we find a support to this view. As Ibrahim states in spite of the attempts to equalize educational opportunity for all groups, research on immigrant children’s successful intergration into the education system shows that there is a high drop-out rate among these students.(Ibrahim, insert page number here)
For this reason the Second National Institute-Conference hold in Miami, Florida in 1974, took a penetrating look at Institutional Racism and the Impact on Health Care Delivery through in-depth focus on institutional racism. Some Black nurses interacted together in examining and exploring its impact on the health status of the Black consumer followed by planning and developing strategies for affirmative action approaches designed to make a meaningful impact toward change.
As for in the sector of employment it has been seen time and again that there is a system working as an open secret that discriminate colored or immigrants with job opportunity and salary. This discrimination is based on not only color or political distinction but also is depended upon other factors like class, creed, cast, religion, sex and even ideology.
Everything that has been stated above is a part of an ideology that the racist believe to be of ultimate truth. Of course, people acting as a racist never consider themselves a raciest as this idea of racism generally stands as a contrast with the idea of democracy but deep inside each of these individuals know that racism exists. All these members of the society, a cross section of every class and morality, exist in the most democratic format of state and a member of the state they contribute their portion of racist feeling to the society.
This goes through a snowball effect of which the ultimate result comes out as a cumulative act of racist behavior. This is the prime reason of Institutional Racism and the above stated facts are its impact on education, employment and health. It should be remembered that no one person could be treated or marked as a racist but the society, or better say sociological impacts, shape each of them to this finishing line.
The greatest racist in history Adolph Hitler did exactly that. He incorporated racism within the cross section of the German mass against the Jews though various methods like using media to his benefit and through overwhelming oratory. His views as a racist seeped into the general German mass that ultimately helped him to perform the notorious genocide killing 5 million Jews. The idea of racial discrimination through methodical racial institutionalization of education, employment and health was put into the ultimate practice with fearful results.
For long, people have dreamt of a society that contains no bar on the basis of being different from the main stream. But ultimately, it has been found that a dream like this is no more than a fallacy and this dream of a colorblind society has been proved to be a patch of utopia.
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