Installation of wired technology

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WIRED TECHNOLOGY The focal point of this paper is about installing wired technology. A company has wished to do business with us to have them install wired internet in their building. There is an invest section with nine brokers, insurance section with four agents and five claims specialists, general administration section with six work stations for the admin staff and a supervisor’s office, conference room for video conferencing that will hold 20 seats, and a guard station located at the front monitoring access.
Thus logically enough the required number of computers would be 46 computers. As the jobs included would require low resolution work thus buying expensive machines would not be appreciated. As a general machine costs about $400 the total value would be $18400. The plan also includes connectivity devices, cabling or access points, server room, patch panels, hubs if used, and switches. For this purpose the total value for the accessories included should be made reasonable. Thus the gadgets required for these 46 computers would be $600. Handling charges and transportation would sum up to $150.
Additionally, there would be two executive suite offices for the directors, two offices for the corporate lawyers, and their secretaries, they need their own separate network domain to protective sensitive records. For this there would an additional cost of $175.
Information System Builders are the basic framework of an organization. These are the people who enable the organization to run smoothly and efficiently. They are the people, other than the top management section, who ensure the make or break factor of an organization. For sending and receiving email the application that is helpful is the JavaMail API. JavaMail API is a Java Standard Extension and it is used to provide a method that is strictly protocol-independent. JavaMail follows an architecture that enables SMTP, IMAP and POP3 where the protocol allows a mixture of messages to be accessed and transferred. This layer is provided by JAF or JavaBeans Activation Framework. (Podolski, 287-288, 6-1)
. Ethernet is connected by cables and are lot more cost effective than other forms of network systems like the wireless. (Madhav, page 39, para 6)Though it is true that Ethernet causes lot of mess in terms of wiring and an expert hand is always needed for solution if any trouble occurs relating to wire connects still it is helpful in the sense that it is very cheap and the installation is less stressful for the funding. (Roberts, 336) While choosing the format of the network the best possible implementation would be the use of Star inter-phase.
The major section of the installation would be done on this computer but at the same time it should be remembered that machine up gradation is required for the installation of the Ethernet Network system. In this case it would be better to increase the size of hard drive as a mere 16 GB disk space would not suffice. It is recommended that at least 40 GB hard disk should be installed in order to make the machine functional with Ethernet. (Fletcher, 59)
There should be at least 75 MHz Pentium-compatible CPU but 300 MHz Pentium-compatible CPU or higher would be best suitable for the job. There should be at least 500MB free space in the hard drive therefore it is recommended to upgrade the hard drive too. For best possible output a 32 MB RAM is necessary so it is recommended to upgrade that part too. However, the total cost incurred would be $19225.

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