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InstCollapse SubdiscussionRobert DavisRobert DavisSundayMay 3 at 6:45amManage Discussion EntryHi everyone, this first week I like to work with each of you to help develop a very tight and solid PICOT and research question. I posted some other announcements with some materials to help you with that and I hope you’ll take advantage of those. I’m thinking back to previous courses and where I’ve had to help students the most and I thought I’d provide some additional direction.What would help me (and you) the most is if you would format your initial post like this:1. Brief overview of your project topic2. State your PICOT listing each of the elements point by point:1. P – What is your population of interest (Among _______, …..)2. I – Succinctly state your intervention3. C – State what you are comparing your intervention to. This might simply be the current state or it may be a specific program or data set.4. O – What is your desired outcome? Please state this in very measurable terms. One example of this would be to state something like “Decrease/increase (some form of direction) falls from X (baseline) to Y (goal)”5. T – Include a time element. At what point in time to you expect to have made enough progress toward your goal to do some measurement?3. Finally transform your PICOT statements into a fluid sentence that states your research question or project proposal.What I’ll be doing with each of you is helping you either narrow your focus or address some part of your PICOT to make it more measurable. If you work hard now it will help guide the development of your project more smoothly. I hope this makes week 1 easier for you! I look forward to starting to review your project ideas! Dr. Davis**Go back and check your TD post and make sure that you’ve addressed the points above. If not, add an additional post to fill in the blanks. This is an important TD that lays the foundation for the rest of your CGE project. ReplyReply to Comment id: d40914897pas….: Simply0824@once in go to go to classes, then under courses —-Class name : Nurse Executive Concluding Graduate Experience I-DavisMay 2020