Innovation as a Process and How It Has Helped the Company Gain an Edge in the FastChanging World of Consumer Electronics

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I will introduce some breakthrough products that have shaped Apple reputation for being a very paragon of innovation. Then, from various articles of reputable magazines such as Times, Business Week and The Economist, as well as interviews with Steve Jobs, I will try to collate the picture of the processes in this highly secretive, creative company which demonstrate innovation at work within Apple. By linking a few concepts we learn about innovation, I will link these concepts into what Apple has done for years in order for us to look at the company’s examples on how we can apply innovation and new product development in our future careers as marketers. Now let me begin by introducing the Apple, Inc.Apple II computer. Remember? We are too young to remember it. maybe most of us are not yet born then. It was in 1977 when the large-scale-production was created (Grossman)–this was the Apple II in an 8-bit architecture. After seven years, in 1984 Apple, Inc. had introduced the Macintosh, the original Mac, which pioneered the graphical user interface (Grossman)–the start of the revolution of consumer gadgetry and electronics. Macintosh has been described as a boxy little guy with a winning smile icon on its nine-inch monochrome screen (Levy). However, when Macintosh failed to perform as had been expected, when he was asked to change the features and he refused, he was forced to leave the company in 1985 (Burrows).When he left, Apple, Inc. became stagnant. Four years after he went back to take charge of the company, Apple was back to dazzle the global market of consumer electronics with the introduction of the iPod (Grossman). We’re all familiar of the iPod, arent we? But the original iPod has changed a lot, and with generations of iPods, the new iPods can now handle photo and video as well ( By the way, as most of you may already know, the new iPod Nano, thin as a pencil, is also capable of video recording ( So much has changed.