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This is because ING Life has done some investment in information and technology solutions through implementing the Val IT to ensure that the business organization gets a maximum return on it investment in information and technology. Limitations of using a public infrastructure (Internet) When deciding on what information and technology infrastructure to use it is important for a company to evaluate the content of the information which the handle. Since ING is an investment institution it usually handles information and data which might be sensitive in nature. One common dis advantage of using a public infrastructure for companies such as ING is that information is not secure and such companies are often targets of hacker. Public interfaces are easy to get in for professional hackers since they do not have complex security protocols and firewalls. For example, if an investment company uses public interface information technology solutions their customers might suffer from identity theft since this information is usually contained in the company’s servers. … ING’s public infrastructor solution is effective because though being public its access is only limited to specific ING partners internationally. Security is ensured by investing in solutions that will involve each partner ensuring that the public interface is secure on their end. However, this is not enough because its network systems can be still be hacked through systems such as sql injunctions which have happened to the organization specifically in Belgium. ING should invest in more secure infrastructures such as Vsat which will ensure direct communication of ING branches internationally in a secure manner since Vsat incorporates security protocols which are very effective. Vsat is an effective communication infrastructure because it incorporates both voice and data traffic. Vsat will give ING a onetime solutions in it communication and data due to the incorporation of voice and data traffic in the interface (Ramon, 2004). The company will also be able to control traffic since they will be in charge of their own network. By using advanced network solutions such as Vsat, Ing company will be able to link its local area networks and wide are network forming a mesh of different inter connected networks that cover the whole business establishment internationally (Elbert, 2004). The institution should also implement local area networks technologies that are secure, easy to maintain and reliable. For example, if the company invests in wireless local area networks it should consider hiring network security experts to ensure that their databases cannot be accesed by hackers since wireless networks are the most commonly hacked network since they can be harged from a distance (Bhaiji,