Informative memorandum

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Memorandum INTEL CORPORATED Memorandum All staff Carol Montague, Assistant Manager of Human Resources July Subject: Arrival of Intel’s New Equity Coordinator, Megan GrayOur former equity coordinator is due to be replaced on August 16th by the newly appointed Megan Gray. Megan is a competitive person as has been observed from her track record while at Nawanda Investments where she was the Director of Personnel. I would like us all to welcome her warmly. Megan is completely visually impaired and as such we will all have to make some changes.You will all identify yourself before starting a conversation with Megan. Jog her memory by stating the context of the meeting if you have ever met before. Whenever you are in a group, ensure you name the person to whom you are speaking to and when the conversation is over, state well that you are now moving away.As you walk along the company’s paths, kindly clear them of any obstacles. If you happen to see some right before she bumps into them, describe their location well using distance estimates and direction. If you offer to guide Megan around, politely ask her to take your arm and walk a step ahead of her. Offer to read written information only when it is appropriate.Material meant for Megan’s reading should be availed in Braille or audio formats prior to her arrival. Kindly avoid distracting any guide dogs by speech or touch .They are working dogs.Thank youC.M