Information System Development

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The information flow represented using the data flow diagram for the newly introduced course must meet with the database requirements which stand very crucial for storing the data regarding the details of the course and the student information. Appropriate acknowledgment of all the information which needs to be stored must be done well so that data consistency is maintained and could be easily retrieved by the information system. An efficient Entity-relationship diagram would depict clearly the system options.The information flow in the new proposed system would be the foremost thing to be achieved. Once the DFD is finalized we proceed to the ERD where the tables to be stored in the database would be formed.The functional requirements would highlight the composition of the system with data that are stored by the system user. The non-functional requirements would make sure that the system performs all the duties effectively and efficiently.The concept regarding the flow of information in the new proposed system would give a full scene of the data path in the organization. The first step would be the context level diagram showing the outline of the system.It is classified as the minimum set of requirements that needs to be fulfilled for the general working of the system. The proposed system would make the operations quite relaxing to the users and would feature the following:Adhering to the maximum requirements, which is maximum BSO, would incur a greater cost but the satisfaction of the users of the system would be quite high. The minimum BSO would cater to the requirements but every option may not be covered entirely. The final suggestion would be a blend of both minimum and maximum BSO. After checking the BSO requirements and benefits a larger part of maximum BSO would be incorporated in the proposed system.The system would be made such that all the requirements are covered in detail and no information is left out.