Industry Placement

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The paper Industry Placement analyzes the structure of the international retail company Toys R Us and offers some suggestions how to make motivation, reporting, and organizational culture better.
The values of the organization make up its culture. I have learned that the company values hard workers that represent the organization’s promise of rapid, responsible and reliable service. Based on Fleishman’s interpretation of leadership in which I hold in high regard, modeling this to my staff is one of the best ways I can lead the team in the eyes of myself and Toys R Us. The idea I have of Toys R Us culture was communicated to me through a booklet informing me of what the organization was about, read on my own accord. For Toys R Us to ensure that organizational culture is well known and implemented into the work of management running a program over half a day would be recommended.
Interpersonal value compatibility is necessary with the staff because motivation is most effective as an influential leader. It is here that one of many examples of the inter-relatedness of management concepts is displayed. Reward for work through remuneration is the standard return but it is motivation to get the best out of the employee. This can pose quite a challenge for a leader as different types of motivational methods would need to be used for different subordinates. Motivational issues can be found through a number of methods, one of these being reporting. Employee issues can also be found through reporting.