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82000 It achieves that by various cost cutting strategies that hinders the human resource practices in Wal-Mart. It tries to builds its low cost on the employment policies by achieving extraordinarily low costs on the employment. In order to maintain its competitive advantage Wal-Mart incorporates various low cost HR practices. It has tried to cut down cost right from the time of hiring by recruiting large number of employees and not only that by violating cheap child labour and the minors. The cheap price of acquiring such labours give them more of cost competitiveness than its competitors. Wal-Mart has even been seen showing discrimination towards employees who has certain disabilities, though such people may have the appropriate skills but they would be more costly for the firm. Wal-Mart has set high demand standards which have forced the workers to work beyond their normal working hours. They even show discrimination towards women working in their organization by denying them promotions, and at times even paying them less compared to men. They are even demoted if they complain just for the reason that Wal-Mart has to maintain cost reduction than its competitor. There is not an effective pay and reward model followed by Wal-Mart that would in turn help the employees to remain motivated. Wal-Mart follows its low cost strategy by cutting down the cost on wages every year. It pays very less wages to its Chinese labours. Wal-Mart maintains very low employee relation by not even providing them with proper healthcare facilities. The works have to pay 36% of the premium cost for the health insurance as the company does not bear any additional cost in order to follow its low cost strategy. Wal-Mart has down the line exploited its workers which in turn will reduce the dedication and loyalty of these employees towards the company. A less satisfied employee will not perform above the mark to deliver appropriate profits for the company. As Wal-Mart is on