In What Ways Does the Political Socialisation Militate against Large Numbers of Women in Politics

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“Political socialization is the processes through which people acquire knowledge and attitudes about politics.” (Britain: Political Culture and Political Socialization). Political socialization is a process that can be conceived both narrowly and broadly. In the narrow perspective, it is the purposeful inculcation of political knowledge, values, and practices by the formal agencies and agents who are appointed with this responsibility, whereas it, in its broader perspective, includes all types of political as well as non-political learning which influences the learning of politically relevant attitudes and the growth of politically relevant group and individual behavior. “It is scarcely a dazzling insight to suggest that, in all nations and all empires, political socialization has had most often as its purpose acceptance of the dominant ideology, promotion of compliance with the prevailing social order and its values, adjustment to its economic, political and military requirements and rejection of alternatives.” (Mangan P. 2). Therefore, it is pertinent to comprehend that the dominant groups in politics attempts first to act as innovatory which finally turns out to become a conserving influence. This process results in the sidelining of the different sects of people in politics on the basis of gender, etc and thus the process of political socialization militate against large numbers of women in politics.&nbsp.

One of the major criticisms against the process of political socialization has been that it adversely affects the large numbers of women in politics and the recent evidence from the politics of world nations substantiate this view. Politics is all about power and power relationships and the people who enjoy power have always been superior in politics.&nbsp.The process of political socialization has the power of defining the relationships among the members of the society and this process decides the matters and topics of political discussions.