In Regards To The Due Process And The 4th7th And 14th Amendments I Think It Is Important To Note That The

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In regards to the due process and the 4th-7th and 14th Amendments, I think it is important to note that the

Founders thought it was more important for someone that is guilty of a crime to walk than someone that is innocent to lose their freedoms and become incarcerated. This is why our courts have such a high threshold of determining guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do you think the same burden should apply to students as well, or should there be a different threshold?

I’d like to argue that this is unfair, especially in the school system where students are supposed to be learning good behavior that is modeled to them by teachers and / or mentors. I think this applied more to defending British soldiers charged with murder for their role in the Boston Massacre,

How would you argue this? What is your take on this?

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