In An Experiment To Determine Avogadro Number A Stearic Avid Monolayer Is Formed On The Surface Of Water In A

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In an experiment to determine Avogadro number, a stearic avid monolayer is formed on the surface of water in a

circular dish. If the dish has a diameter of 101.6 mm, the monolayer in the dish will have an area of ___mm^2 or ____nm^2. If each stearic avid molecule covers an area of 0.21nm^2 in the monolayer, there are ___ molecules of stearic acid in the monolayer. 19 drops of stearic acid solution are spread across a water solution to form a monolayer. The solution has a concentration of 79mg stearic acid/L and stearic acid has a molar mass of 284.5g/mol. It takes 119 drops of solution to fill a graduated cylinder to the 1mL mark. There are ____mg of stearic acid in the monolayer and ____mol of stearic acid in the monolayer. From this data, Avogadro’s number is estimated to be _______ molecules/mol known to _____ sig figs.