Improving Students Achievements in Mathematics

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Stage two includes the review of relevant literature. Stage three includes the design of the study. Stage four involves data collection for the study. Stage five includes the development of conclusions and recommendations. Stage six involves the development of the dissertation.Literature in the form of publications in journals and conference proceedings, white papers, reports, etc. would be reviewed. The methodology will include autobiographical narratives from a lived experience for engaging readers through pedagogical approach. The narrative form of discussion would be used to identify factors that cause underachievement among students. The approach will allow other teachers to critically reflect on their own experiences for the development of students learning.The findings have been described by the researcher (me) for integrating personal experience, involvements, and position while undertaking research. The process begins with the researcher’s own experience, and the researcher’s experience is studied by other participants. The focus is on change and improvement of the researcher’s praxis as a mathematics teacher or educator. It allows self-improvement while giving the reader an opportunity to explore learning and teaching methods. An added advantage is that it will help understand the educational system in Saudi Arabia and experiences of other mathematics teachers.The methodology allows the application of two types of approaches including narrative inquiry and personal reflections. Narrative inquiry is appropriate as it will allow me to reveal my lived experience as a learner, classroom teacher and tutor. The approach for unfolding and finding meaning for my lived experience will be based on stories, conversations and vignettes. Data collection will be the focus on stories, reporting of personal experiences, and discussion of the meaning of experiences. Narration will help reveal metaphors and imagination of personal and social stories in a way that is more meaningful.