Improving Patient Care Model For Inpatient Units At Moffick Hospital

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The oncology department was established following its expansion in the year 2000. The facility attracts international patients due to its well qualified and specialist surgeons and clinicians. The hospital has Inpatient Department, which includes an Intensive Care Unit, Oncology/Medical Surgical Unit, and Telemetry Unit. The staff capacity includes 30 permanent specialty surgeons, 30 semi-permanent specialty surgeons, 150 clinicians and 155 nurses.Various unfavorable situations within the operations of the hospital contributed to poor patient satisfaction. Moffit Hospital being an academic institution, a research facility, as well as a specialist hospital provision of quality health care, needs to be prioritized. Currently, the reputation of the hospital seems to be more unpleasant contrary to its previous glory. In order to regain the best reputation in the region, Moffit Hospital management looks forward to ensuring delivery of quality service in addition to patient safety.In order to boost patient satisfaction, the hospital intends to reduce the duration that patients wait to be treated. With the new mission and vision statements. it will be the responsibility of personnel in the top-level management of departments, the medical staff of the hospital and all the employees to work collectively to ensure the patients get better services (McLaughlin et al 2012).The change initiative at Moffit Hospital under the new mission and vision statements follow the model of excellence in leadership. The core areas identified include integrity and teamwork. The framework established aims to be results oriented with the focus on engaging stakeholders, managing challenges of change and growth from the experience of the past and those of well-experienced employees.