Impressive and Attractive Portfolio

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An impressive portfolio along with a good resume can increase the prospect of an applicant or job seeker to conquer heights of professional achievement. As far as the insurance field is concerned, one can rise to eminence if only one has good communication skills and if one is able to maintain effective business correspondence with the clients and the employer through effective e-mails, various types of letters, memos and press releases. By arresting the attention of the company/client through a systematically prepared portfolio, the applicant gets a chance to prove that he/she is the perfect fit for the job. As the past work one has done is considered as the best indicator of future performance, a hiring manager really cares about what the applicant can do for them in the future. In an interview, the examples of one’s work turn the interview into an opportunity to show where one excels and it provides a concrete opportunity for the employer to look for what he really expects from the applicant. A portfolio which is systematically prepared could just give one the edge, and one may get the first offer. To prepare an excellent portfolio, one must concentrate on the following points. It must include a copy of the applicant’s master resume to show the level of one’s skills, base and breadth of one’s experiences in the field. Moreover, it must be pointed out that the applicant possesses lots of untapped potentials which distinguish him from the rest of the people being interviewed.The next point that must be considered is whether the applicant is capable of setting real examples or representative samples of his/her past works, which clearly show one’s level of skill and quality. For instance, a person who has previously worked in an insurance company or a bank can include samples of memos, e-mails, reply letters, request letters, negative message letters, sales letters and press releases in his/ her portfolio.