Impression of the Advertisement

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The immediate impression of the advertisement says that it is making the first appeal in Jib Fowles’ list which is the need for sex. As he says, this is more of a flirtation with the idea of sex rather than a direct reference to it. This advertisement flirts with the idea that these two people might get together, but it doesn’t really say anything about sex itself. This is instead just a little fun diversion. The two people might even be married to other people already but their actions in the advertisement would not violate the vows they took. The text helps to add to this flirty attitude by inviting the reader to participate with a suggestion of fragrance at the woman’s shoulder and in promising that men will be drawn to the triple benefits of soft skin, tanned skin, and alluring fragrance.Although it seems the ad is appealing to our need for sex, it really focuses more on our need for affiliation as it emphasizes the connections made between the woman and others who will ‘be drawn to it’ and her by extension. Her fun-loving athletic appearance is accented by her use of this particular lotion while her overall healthy skin is associated with the brand name, Nivea. She is available to be kissed, even invites it, but this is as far as the relationship goes while the guy’s intense look in her direction reinforces the idea that the use of this product will bring her positive attention. Her happy look and well-toned appearance give the impression of health and well-being, suggesting that using this product has contributed in some way to this state of health. Thus, the brand begins to be identified with health and well-being, suggesting Nivea has something to do with this glowing health.Through text,form, and expression, the Nivea ad attempts to promise fulfillment of our need for affiliation with others while giving the brand an association with fun, health, and being in touch with the female consumer population.