Importance to Getting Married

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They frequently fantasize about having a stable, close and long-term relationship with their children and the mother of their children even without marriage. Although most of them view marriage issues positively at the time when children are born, they are also informed that marriage entails sacrifice and restraint. A married man has to shoulder financial responsibility and at the same time relinquish sexual freedom. Without marriage unmarried men find it challenging to maintain a relationship with their mother. Fathers more often have little contact with their children and are more likely to reach their 30s with complicated lives. Most unmarried women always seek independence and think they can’t find it in marriage. They don’t want to be controlled and may end up getting children out of wedlock and raise them as single parents.

Conservative lawmakers tend to establish strong values and norms that encourage and support young men to get married. They view unmarried men as irresponsible and confused. They feel that men are supposed to get married early and take care of their families. Liberal lawmakers, on the other hand, view marriage from a different perspective. They believe marriage is a choice and being unmarried is normal.