Importance of Human Health and Safety in Workplace

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The health and safety of an individual are of extreme importance. The health and safety of an individual might be at various levels such as health and safety-related to the workplace and natural environment. The health and safety of an individual in the workplace is very significant. Organizations should keep in mind the safety of the people associated with it. It should evaluate and manage the hazards that can arise in place of work which could affect the healthiness and safety of the people in that place (Alli, 2013). Making the workplace safer might not require being expensive but it needs to ensure the safety of the employees. In fact, ensuring the workplace safely would ultimately save a substantial proportion of revenue for an organization and most importantly it will save a life. Preventing work-related sickness and damages is the most essential job at any place of work (Ontario Ministry of Labour, 2011).

Minimizing mistakes and influencing performance is the key approach to building a good and safer working environment. The health and safety of an individual depend on some aspects like the environmental, organizational and job-related factors. The characteristics of an individual also play a major part in determining his/her health and safety (Health and Safety Executives, n.d.).

The behavior of human beings plays a key role in their health and safety. There are three types of human behavior that makes an impact on their health and safety. They are skill-based behavior, knowledge-based behavior and rule-based behavior (Health and Safety Executive 1999). The following discussion would provide a clear picture of the three aforementioned human behaviors:

In skill-based human behavior mode, human beings spend most of their time. It occurs when the abilities of an individual are well mastered. This signifies that the allocation of mental resources is nominal and active allotment of resources of other actions becomes probable. It is an advantageous behavior mode but is very much responsive to custom errors.