Implications of Cars Running on Oil

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To save time, people head to their office on a personal car. This has, however, put much burden on economy and environment. While all the cars and transportation vehicles depend on oil, it is more likely that over the next decade the world will not have enough oil to fulfill the needs of cars.
nbsp.Scientists have been looking for alternative fuel and combination of fuel which can reduce the burden on oil. There are many combinations of liquids that can be used along with oil to reduce the oil usage but the materials that can work well with oil in a mixture are all derived from food crops. This will lead to a burden on food crops and will affect the prices of the food items badly. Depending on food crops for food and as well as for transportation will put heavy burden and prices will soar so much that both will end up being not affordable. High prices will also increase the current food deficit all over the world. Many countries will not be able to provide the first basic necessity to their people which are food. This means adding a mixture of fuel to the equation and keeping the same ICE will not solve the problem over the next decades, it will only worsen it. This means that the initiative taken to completely eliminate the oil from the equation can solve the problem.
nbsp.Many companies are working to invent batteries that can support EV (Electronic Vehicles), an idea which was dropped in the 19th century due to the dependence of EV on batteries which can only last 50 miles and needed replacement of battery very soon. There are also manufacturers who are reducing the car weight by replacing steel which helps in increasing efficiency of the cars running on any other fuel or material other than oil.