Implication of President Obamas Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to Health Care

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One of the salient implications of the law when it is fully implemented in 2014 would be the enforced coverage of patients which insurance companies presently deem as high risk. It will also refocus the policy orientation of healthcare practices from being reactive (as coverage focuses on treatment) to be proactive as the new health care policy will also put importance on preventive therapies. Where before check-ups, consultations and preventive therapies requires a co-pay from policyholders, it will no longer be required under the new law so as not to discourage patients from availing preventative measures in looking after their health.Obama’s new health care policy will also address the present inequitable distribution of health care spending. Previously, half of the total expenditures in health care were spent on the 5% of the population and only 3% was spent on the 50% of the population. As it currently stands, the majority of the American population receives only a minuscule fraction of healthcare expenditure while half of its total health care expenditures were spent on a small privilege number of Americans. Clearly, there was an uneven and inequitable distribution of health care cost allocation which the law would like to address.Government’s funding for Medicaid, the US government’s health care program for lower-income families will also be expanded. In addition, the new health care policy will also expand its coverage to employee’s children by the age of 27.The expanded coverage of Medicaid and Medicare will require additional funding from the federal government. This initiative has been questioned because the law was enacted at a time when America is still reeling from the recent financial crisis that additional expenditures on the health care of America’s will make its recovery more difficult.This reservation about the new health care policy was aired by Rep. Broun of the 10th Congressional District of Georgia in his critique about the new law that Obamacare, as the new law was labelled by its critics, is a 118 billiondoll unfunded mandate on the states through 2023.