Implementation of Advice from Challenging Stressful Thinking Chapter

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One day my brother fell from his bicycle while showing some stunts in the street and when he came back to home, he was bleeding badly. After seeing him in this condition, my parents and other family members got stressed and tensed, but I remained calm.I was telling myself that such injuries are not to be worried and would get better with proper medical care. These are all parts of life. As per my experience and understanding, such injuries were common and naughty boys got those injuries, but also those injuries were curable leaving behind no marks. Therefore, there was nothing to get stressed.There are times when you consistently get upset about something that annoys you. You can’t really do much to change other people’s behavior, at least in the short run, yet you still allow these incidents to get underneath your skin over and over again. For each of the following common annoying situations, think of a way that you could talk to yourself inside your head so that you don’t feel additional stress by these situations. We are not talking about what you say or do on the outside, but rather what you say to yourself on the inside.Speaking loud on a cell phone in a public space is really annoying for the listeners. Whenever I have to tolerate such a situation, I just tell myself that there is some extra TV volume and remote is lost, so I just have to bear it as far as I am close. To control this stressful situation, I just have to control my mind and tell it that there is no stress at all.This is quite an annoying situation as I am much stressed when such happens. However, if I encounter such a situation, I tell myself to relax and think as if I am having a long drive to enjoy the weather. Although such thinking is not wholly successful, I tell myself to search for some enjoyment in stress.