Implement Virtualisation in staffordshire university

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the local computers no longer have to do all the work that comes with running applications rather, the work is done by the network computers that make up the cloud. The hardware and software that the user requires decreases so that the only thing that the user requires is the cloud computing system interface software that can be as simple as a web browser such as Gmail or Hotmail.Cloud computing dates back to the earlier days of flow charts and presentations whereby the server-farm on the internet was represented as a puffy, white cumulonimbus cloud that accepted connections and doled out information as it floated (HESS and NEWMAN 2010).Virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual version of something including even though not limited to computer hardware platform, operating systems and storage devices. It began as a method of dividing the system resources provided by mainframes between several different applications, and the term has been widening in use since then. It is now not just about servers, but about the creation of efficient, responsive IT environment through making virtually the entire data center (MIKKELIN et al, 2010). Consider the following illustration that indicates the process of virtualizationSome of the benefits attributed to virtualization include improving asset utilization, lowering capital and power as well as cooling costs. In addition, virtualization improves efficiency and accessibility of the resources requisite in an organization. Further, it is helpful in reducing the management touch points and accelerating the delivery of IT services. It is imperative to note that, the virtualization software makes it possible for one to run numerous operating systems on the same server concurrently. The technology of virtual machine monitors is attributed to the whole process. This helps in separating computer environments from the actual physical infrastructure (AHMED amp. SARKAR, 2013). Of critical importance, virtualization enables