Impact of work place technology

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Contextually, the major drivers of technology involvement in the organizations can be identified as the rapid technology innovations, altering customers’ preferences, increasing customer awareness and subsequently enhancing competition. Although such issues have mostly been related with the product centric industries, similar aspects are also quite common in the context of service industry settings (Fine, 2003).Notably, the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT), in today’s modern day context, can be well illustrated with reference to the operational processes of the UK police department. It is believed that with the help of ICT inclusion in the operational activities of the UK police, the organization will be able to obtain greater flexibility in terms of its flow of information and thereby, assist the department to implement necessary actions in order to ensure the safety of the society. For instance, ICT inclusion in its operational processes helps the service organization with unified communication system through which the UK police can obtain accurate information and thereby take instant actions in response to the safety issue (Home Office, n.d.).The aim of this study is to analyse how ICT helps the UK police to fight against the crime and ensure community safety. The study will further attempt to identify the strategies adopted by the UK police when utilizing ICT in order to obtain necessary information. It is worth mentioning in this regard that when collecting adequate data, both secondary as well as primary sources can be considered as equally essential to conduct this study successfully. However, in order to obtain primary sources it is necessary to conduct a face-to-face interaction with the police department officials where various types of security related issues can be identified in terms of limited accessibility to in-depth data owing to confidentiality. It can also be assumed that