Impact of Oil Exploration Extraction and Transport

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In the drilling processes, the petroleum industry in general has to comprehend the significance of making a proper assessment of any spillages that may happen in the course of the drilling process effectively. Thereafter, it has to lay down measures to take care of the risks that may arise from this process, in doing this, the companies, give primary focus, as well as priority to the process of reducing the risks associated. In addition, it has to put into place strategies by which it can use to minimize and prevent future occurrences of the spills.Other ways of reducing the risks arising from oil spills include creating systems that enhance a positive response whenever these incidences happen. This process can be achieved effectively by creating reliable source controls, as well as preparedness programs for the risks (Schirmer 2011 67).During drilling, the spillage that happened at the project may have been triggered by several incidents. Most often, oil spills may happen during drilling at various stages, in addition it sometimes happens during the process of repairing the vessels used in the process. In both cases, the oil spills into the water and can have serious health concerns for aquatic animals.The stages that are often associated with spillages are often characterized by wells that are found offshore, at the same time, it also happens in the process of transporting the oil to the offshore (Trefry 2003 151). The transportation process may take various forms. it is done by the use of underwater pipelines, using special tankers as well as flow line vessels. In all these cases, chances are that the spillage that happened at Sankofa projects may have been triggered by the drilling and transportation processes.It is important to note that the process that is used on the transportation of drilled out are highly interconnected. In this case, oil spillage from a particular faulty line can trigger the same process in other machines and equipment, the exact scenario that happened at the project.