Identity Problems in the Nowadays Media

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It has aggrandized my desires for self-gratification through the creation of the epitome beauty and perfection portrayed through Rebecca Bloomwood. The movie indicates that Rebecca lives in New York with her best friend, Suze, and works as a journalist and is a shopaholic.Through this shopaholic lady, the media portrays every other woman as addicted consumers that are unlikely to live without shopping fashionable clothes. Women are portrayed as unable to resist shopping for fancy items and through the media film I chose, it offers the viewer an unexpected reminder of what many people have unexpectedly become because of the influence of media. In fact, women are depicted in distress and men coming to their rescue. This essay explores how media misrepresent women and justifies how media influence has affected many people’s lifestyles. It does so by describing the types of identity being presented in the media and this representation is problematic.To begin with, media seems obvious and inevitable and it shows situations and relationships from other people’s perspectives. It is a culmination of how others live and how their lives are likely to affect other people’s lives, identities, and beliefs. So, before embracing media as a source of entertainment, it is noteworthy to investigate the manner in which everyday media materials affect people’s lives. Studies have attempted to do this before. nonetheless, without much success. Furthermore, it is important to establish the relative positions of men and women in modern Western democracies (Chaudhuri, 2006. pp. 36). This will help understand if there is a battle of sexes, which many writers will agree that identity battles exist every day on the media. Some of the battles are aimed at portraying women as materialistic and men as the wealthiest and supportive of women.For instance, Confessions of a Shopaholic tell us, by failing so decisively to prove the opposite, that buying stuff is a good idea. It further indicates that being materialistic enabled people to define their identities by making choices.