Identifying Important Factors of the TwentySomething Generation

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Yet, due to inexperience and constraints of societal circumstances such as unemployment, the young adults are seeming to place more emphasis on certain undesirable factors. . Young generations in today’s world, across all countries, are invariably emphasizing the importance and desirability of money. However, money is not a key to all happiness. But the young adults appear to be somewhat reluctant to think otherwise and continue to indulge in the fancies of their freedom-loving minds. The four most important factors for today’s twenty-something population are Want of money, self-seeking agenda, consumerism, and excessive desire for independence. These factors are creating rivalries in society and leading to chronic segregation. Easy availability of the facilities like education has made this generation somewhat inapprehensive toward their responsibilities and goals of life. Roughly, the four most important factors for today’s twenty-something population signal that the future is not so very bright. The most important factor for this population of young adults is money. The next most important consideration is the fact that the twenty-something population appears to have become highly self-seeking. So the interests of oneself are the second most important factor. The third most important factor is consumerism. The fourth most important factor is independence. This sense of independence in today’s young adults is not about the constitutional meaning of freedom or moralistic and spiritual emancipation of one’s mind. This independence is simply independence that can even result in being not only self-seeking but also self-asserting and arrogant character. The first most important factor is that of seeking money almost all the time. Thesetendencies can lead to greed and greed for money may lead to delinquency in the long run.