Identifying and Evaluating a Framework for Integrating Physical and Virtual Identity Management Systems

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A significant number of physical and virtual IMSs have been developed over the last few years with varying degrees of success. Most of these systems does not offer virtual access to general users through internet using mobile devices like cell phones, IPods etc. On the other hand Physical Identity Management Systems (PIMSs) can be implemented with the help of staff in physical places like government service offices, workplaces etc. However, there is an increased realization for the establishment of clear standards and guidelines for integrating these virtual and physical IMSs. We need an integrated platform that can meet the physical and virtual identity requirements and expectations. My research will define a conceptual framework for integrating physical and virtual identity management systems. The framework will not only set design standards but will also contribute towards measuring outcomes of these systems. The proposed framework includes various identity tokens like smart cards, biometrics, PINs, etc. and accessibility tools like the World Wide Web (WWW) and other mobile technologies. The framework will aim to establish a conceptual model using theories of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Design and Research while addressing the requirements of physical and virtual Identity Management Systems. The conceptual model will provide single sign-in convenience to several virtual and physical systems thereby, will reduce the need to remember multiple log-in credentials in different domains by using web technologies. The research will rigorously investigate users’ needs (or identity token that the user has at that time) and the sectors’ identity requirements to find out the best ways that can be adopted while accessing different virtual and physical systems. This research may use the Technology Acceptance Model for the validation of its conceptual framework discussed above. The framework will identify the attributes for physical and virtual identity management systems to provide an acceptable and accessible user experienc