Idealism and Reality

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As everyone do not own same attitude towards life, some people love to take life as a challenge. They are not influenced by emotional attachments, rather they like solitary freedom. Christopher was one of them. Let us focus on different angles of his character reflected in the story. Christopher was an intelligent student as well as a good athlete. We can consider him as philanthropic as he had a soft corner for homeless and foodless people and always helped them. He was very pertinacious and determined. He did only those things he wanted to do. Nobody could change his decision. According to his father, he was overconfident as he got success in everything he did in his life. He was also very impatient. He was inspired by the great novelist Leo Tolstoy who relinquished his all in search of self discovery and Christopher followed his steps. The goal of his life was to search his true self. We can summarize his character as a dreamy young man passionate about the truth of life and tried to discover the same in his own way. As reality is completely different from dreams, his naive mistakes finally caused his death. But we should appreciate his courage and obsession towards his dreams.
According to American civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, "No one should negotiate their dreams. Dreams must be free to flee and fly high." Christopher must have the same belief. If we look into the flow of his life, we will see that he always furnished his dream with the highest priority. Christopher had a luxurious life as he belonged to a wealthy family in Washington D.C. He completed his graduation in 1990 from Emory University. He had a loving family along with plentiful money in his savings account. He was also offered a good job. He was getting everything which is dream of each common man. But he declined to enjoy these comforts and donated everything he owned. He cut off his bond with family and friends and tramped around different places of USA. But he did not settle anywhere. His pleasant personality affected and impressed every one he met during his short lifespan. Finally he decided to spend some days in Alaskan Wilderness. He was well aware of the fact that this trip may be his last one but he wanted to live his dream. With the help of a truck driver he reached Alaska and managed to find a deserted bus which he made his base camp. But in his fascination he did some foolish mistakes. He did not carry enough food with him as he found hunting more exciting. He did not take a compass or watch even a map with him. It was the greatest mistake which he compensated by giving away his life. Though he has done so many mistakes, we should value his determination and willpower as without nominal amenities of daily life he managed to stay there more than two months. At last he realized