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I checked in at CPRW-10 on May 26, 2018. After four months at the command, I become the assistant section leader, and two months later, I was the section leader. I had many E-5 at the shop, but my leadership trusts me better for taking care of the shop. From Jun 2018-March 2019, I volunteered for over 175 hours of community service in different organizations. I graduated with my Associated Degree in computer study in 2019. I was the top one E-5 sailor at NSD in less than a year. I received an Early promotion evaluation on March 15, 2019. I won the Junior Sailor of Quarter in July 2019. During the MAP period of September 2019, I was surprised that my command did not put any MAP package for me, but did put two other sailors, who had less performance evaluation than me. One of those sailors gets promoted to First-class Petty Officer. I approached my Chief to find out why I did not get any MAP package submitted because two sailors they put the package for were MP’s sailors, and everyone knew who was better performing or did more achievement. He agreed` that base on performance and achievement, I was in a better position, but I was not chosen for two reasons: First: I 1id not take the advancement exam yet for first-class, so I was not qualified (No true because the MAP NAVADMIN said I need to be “IN-TIME RATE” to be qualified for MAP, and I was “INTIME IN RATE” at that moment). I confronted him, and he changed his statement that CO recommended that the sailor need to take the advancement test before he can submit a MAP package (There were no proof of that) The other reason is YNC Hamilton( SEL of the command) is supposed to PCS soon, and YN2 Cuente will take over ( this is the reason that they MAP YN2 Cuente TO YN1). YNC Hamilton is detaching the command on February 2021 and YN2 Cuente on August 2021( only six months difference)I decided that it is ok, and I need to perform better and get more achievement for the next MAP. In November, I was awarded the best sailor of the Month by the command’s Chiefs. I also won the Sailor of the Year for NSD and Hawaii Region in December. In January, I competed against Whidbey Island (Washington State) for CPRW 10’s Sailor of Year, and I won it. In March performance Evaluation, I was selected number one EP sailor (meaning that I am the # 1 Top E-5 sailor of the command).During the Advancement Exam on March 4, 2020, YNC Hamilton approached me, and he asked me ” Sawadogo, Why are you taking some much time in your exam, you know that we are trying to MAP you.” I was excited to hear that, and I rushed to finish my exam. The MAP board was performed on March 09, 2020. A month later, I asked my first class petty officer about the result because they did not want to tell me, and he said to me that he does know anything about the outcome. I asked another sailor from another command, and he told me that the result is out for the last three weeks. I called my first class to acknowledge him that I know the result is out. He told me that it is over his pay grade to talk to me about. ABFC Tootoo finally decided to speak to me about it, and he said to me that I deserve to be MAP, but there is a lot of politics at the chief level, and they don’t like him, and he did not have any power to fight for me. He also mentioned that even YNC Hamilton (the one who talk to me during my exam) did not vote for me. The command had two MAP billets for the March cycle 2020, and I was not able to get one of them after all my achievements. English is my second language, and it is the main reason that I have discriminated both times, because base on the facts, I deserve better than other sailors. I believed that the Navy establishes the MAP program to promote the top sailor who works hard and deserves it, not for the leadership to do politics and promote their sailor. Where is the equal opportunity? Also, since January 2019, I am the Department Career Counselor, Vice president of CSADD, Command Urinalysis Program coordinator.