Ice Cream Industry

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Health ability and perceived benefits did not yield any significant correlations with non-fat ice cream consumption. Most consumers still acknowledge the satisfaction that they could derive from these products, in this study, most ice cream products. Despite the knowledge that they have towards the products’ content and effects, the possibility of them purchasing and consuming it is still likely. However, taking into consideration the nature of ice cream products, such consumer actions could be considered as occasional.Ice Cream has been around the market for centuries. It has been a popular delicacy during summer seasons as a thirst quencher, alleviating the heat that makes the body dry and sweats so fast. Weir (2008) describes that Ice Cream is originally a frozen dessert made from dairy products. Such as milk and cream and are combined with other ingredients like sugars, coconut, cocoa, and other artificial flavorings to compensate for the lack of ingredients. As it is seen in the market, there have been multiple flavors or a variety of ice creams and it is all credited for the use of artificial flavoring and as well as the extensive extraction of natural fruit flavors in order to come up with new varieties of Ice Cream. In response to the issue of allergies to dairy products and being lactose intolerance, Weir (2008) cited that alternatives are used such as soy milk, rice milk, and goat milk in order for people who experience these deficiencies to enjoy Ice cream. The process of production is quite simple, with all the primary ingredients mixed and stirred slowly while preventing ice crystals from forming through the cooling process.According to Redruello (2007), Ice Cream has been an importantpart of society in terms of food consumption. Ice Cream is usually associated with kids, as they present an easy to eat dessert or snacks. In some countries, special varieties of Ice Cream which are highlighted by its weight signify special occasions for the family. Furthermore, in some studies, Ice Cream is also presented as a relaxant, credited for its cooling features that could soothe people during dry seasons. Apparently, as Ice Cream has generated multiple varieties or flavors, and this has also affected its description or definition. According to Weir (2008), in U.S. standards, the definition of Ice Cream reflects a certain kind or variety and the definition is also influenced by the quantity of the ingredients.