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OIIISZOS Problem for Homework 1 i can make two types of brownies, Regular and Organic: – Regular Brownie sell for 150 fils each, require 4 grams of sugar, and 3
minutes prepare each one ‘ Organic Brownie sells for 200 fils each, requires 1 gram of sugar, and 5
minutes to prepare each one Constraints:
1. lhave 300 grams of sugar to use 2. l have 2 workers that are working for 3 hours
[you need to calculate total avallahlemlnutes] 3. Exactlg 80 brownies in total are needed (no more, no less} 4. I want to make sure as well thatl have at least 20 more regular brownies
than organic brownies. How mam;r of the regular and organic brownies should I produce to
maximize profit? Math