I Had Done The Experiment On Synthesising And Characterise Cobalt(Iii) Complexes Containing Ammine

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I had done the experiment on synthesising and characterise cobalt(III) complexes containing ammine


Please help writing the full equation for the synthesis of cis-tetraamminediaquacobalt(III) sulfate trihydrate, [Co(NH3)4(OH2)2]2(SO4)3ยท3H2O from tetraamminecarbonatocobalt(III) sulfate solution.

The procedure of the synthesis is:

To four-fifths of tetraamminecarbonatocobalt(III) sulfate solution, [Co(CO3)(NH3)4]+ , which is in the 500mL, take the stirrer bar out, cool it in an icebath and add 25 mL of 18 M sulfuric acid dropwise. This solution can be left overnight if necessary. Then add 40 mL of E100 ethanol (with swirling) to the solution. Keep cooling on an ice bath for another 20min and you shall see pink-red powder settling. This solution is light sensitive so should be kept away from light. (i.e., wrap up the glassware in foil).

Filter off the product with a large sintered glass funnel (from service room). Wash the product with E100 ethanol (2*100mL): stop the vacuum, fill the filter funnel with E100 ethanol, stir the product in E100 to ensure all the product are in contact with the E100 then apply the vacuum. Dry the washed product in a 70oC oven overnight. Take 10g of ii. And proceed with the first step of Experiment D3 as soon as possible. Take note of how much of compound ii. you use for D3 and note the entire yield and percentage yield in your calculations.