I Don’T Know How To Find Thesis Statement In My Essay Can You Help Me Find The Thesis Statement?The

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I don’t know how to find thesis statement in my essay. Can you help me find the thesis statement?


following is my writing content:

Katz key ideas regarding skills reflect that a manager should have technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills. (Peterson Van Fleet, 2004) According to the Katz skills, it is found that technical skills require proficiency in processes, methods, procedures, and techniques. (Paolillo,1981) The lower level of manager is engaged in training subordinates or answering specific tasks of subordinates. Therefore, they must know how to do the various tasks performed by subordinates. Technical skill assists an effective manager to perform the task efficiently and to lower the costs of completing the task. It also reflects the organizing ability of an effective manager. To implement any program, technical skill assists in managing the resources well and, therefore, this skill for the effective manager to drive the social initiative. Human skills make a manager understand and create motivation with employees. Human skills build a better understanding to lead the team. With human skills, a manager can build cooperative efforts to achieve organizational objectives. Human skill is not born to, managers also need to constantly to feel, to think and observe, managers need to learn more. Such a management by encouraging his subordinates to participate in the program directly affect their interests. Managers should encourage them to perform work directly to their advantage, will be able to establishEnglish