I Do Not Know How To Begin This Question How Do You Identify The Location Of Missing Double Or Triple Bonds What

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Your UANet ID: _____________________ Chemical Thinking U2 M3: Discussion 8 Drug Structure
Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter in our body. The ball-and-stick
representation of a molecule of this substance is shown in the image.
1. Identify the location of missing double or triple bonds in this
2. Identify the different functional groups in this molecule. 3. Draw the Lewis structure of this molecule
and label the molecular geometries of the
various atomic centers in this molecule Guaifenesin is a component of some over-the-counter drugs used
as expectorants. The skeletal or line structure of a guaifenesin
molecule is shown in the image
4. Identify the different functional groups in this molecule; 5. Describe the different molecular geometries around 4 different central atoms in this molecule; 6. Estimate the value of the selected bond angles. Consider the line structure of Nicotine:
7. Identify the location of the missing hydrogens and predict the value of
the s elected bond angles. | 2 Science