I Blame It on the Parents

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We know that one thing, where people differ in their personality. The basic approach of identifying personalities is to find out the underlying dimensions which reflect the child’s behavior and then to identify what caused the child to behave in this manner. Perhaps it could be the consequences of recent happenings and experience or it could be other reasons pertaining to the environment or happenings of earlier times, the memory of which is still clear in the child’s mind.Now, these temperaments can be inherited from the parents. According to Hinde, all behavior has a genetic basis. Thus the three dimensions, Emotional, Activity, and Sociability may have a significant genetic component. According to research done, it is seen that both genetic and environmental influences the development of a child. Thus personality results also from the experience that people encounter during childhood where individual differences are concerned like intelligence. Intelligence has been understood to manifest itself in early adulthood rather than in childhood. Thus Dunn and Kendrick point out that children’s behavior is not independent of the situations in which they find themselves. In particular, the behavior is influenced by the social concept that is the people who are present with the child. It is noticed that a child who is very low in adapting to situations will have an aversive experience. This is because of the erratic pattern which the parents had in caring for their child. The same child if cared for by parents who are regular in their routine in bringing up their child will be well suited or better suited in adapting itself to situations. Take the case of Noel or that of Margie. Noel had behavioral problems. His parents separated and he and his sister moved in with his mother’s boyfriend and his two sons. Noel hated the atmosphere. he stole and destroyed many of the toys belonging to the sons of his stepfather. Margie is aged ten.