Hypothetical Working Agreement Paper

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After reading through the work, you are free to contact me through the message board for any clarifications and amendments and I shall be glad to assist you. Thank you. Hypothetical Working Agreement between Clinician and Sheila who wants her children back Introduction The use of illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroine continue to be a critical issue in our contemporary world. The menace has no proved advantage but day in and out, people get themselves in it. According to the Schaffer Library of Drug Policy (2006), The effects of marijuana and THC on several intellectual and cognitive abilities with drug doses commonly used in North America today.440 Short-term serial position memory was significantly impaired with the higher THC and marijuana doses, but not with lesser quantities. The same is true for cocaine and other hard drugs. The cause of illegal drug usage results from false ideas peddled about them. In some circles, it is believed that the use of drugs can improve intellectual performance but people who follow these ‘doctrines’ only end up retarding their intellectual capabilities instead of improving it. It is a situation of this nature that Sheila currently find herself in. resulting in the adoption of her two children by the Child Protective Unit. But of course, there is hope for Sheila as long as she is willing to be helped. Assessment Sheila, who lives in Austin, Texas No.1 Westend Street, is a 27-year-old mother with two kids. The woman, a White American by descent is currently separated with her husband and lives with her cousin in Austin, Texas. The 27 year old lady is a Catholic and works with a local restaurant as waitress though she is a first degree holder in Education. Sheila has had four years previous working experience as a teacher. at which time she received as much as $1800 a month compared to the $900 she takes currently as a waitress. The lady, who justifiably deserves more than her current social status has a problem of drug addiction. She has been using crack cocaine for four years. Meanwhile, Existing law provides for services to abused and neglected children and their families (Department of Social Service, 2007). Consequently, Sheila’s two children, ages 7 and 9 were removed from her care by Child Protective Services when her addiction because noticeably clear and she started losing control in bringing the kids up. Though Sheila admits the stand of the Child Protective Services is legal, she seriously feels that she needs her children back under her care. This is because the situation makes Sheila feel even more irresponsible, disrespected and guilty. Apart from drug addiction and the separation of her children from her, Sheila has also separated with her husband and this situation also causes her a lot of worry. Because of the separation of both husband and children, Sheila sees herself as an outcast and this demoralize her a lot. She feels rejected and even cheated for losing her children. Sheila addiction has taken from her some degree of social recognition and respect. What worsens her situation are her biopsychosocial stressors which includes, peer pressure, poverty, depression, low self-esteem and lost of dignity. However, despite all her problems, Sheila possesses some excellent qualities. This is a confirmation of the saying that nothing is all wrong: even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Among other things, Sheila is courageous, loving,