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Your F. 6 November Analysis of Reading Some of the main ideas of “The Souls of Black Folks” included a poem that set the mood of spiritualism and it is of sadness. Another idea of this article was the fact that some people approach people of color, considering them a “problem.” The author rarely responds because what is there to say? The author also discussed how that one little girl when he was younger refused his card because he was black. It was then that he realized that he was a person who was different. For a bit of the time, he felt like he was shut out from the others but also found that in some ways, he could beat them through athletics and even on exams. The others may have treated him as if he was not good enough, but he could surpass them in a variety of different ways.
Among other black people, he found that many of them just developed hatred of the white people, allowing the two races to still be separate. He acknowledges that as a gift of being a Negro in the American world, he is still able to see himself the way that whites may perceive him. To the author, it seems as though he is an American and he is a Negro and that those are two separate identities. Though people were slaves for so long, and liberty for the Negros finally came, it still is a nation that knows hate and that there is still deep resentment in the Negro people. The newer generation of Negros often acts as though something is owed to them and the white supremacists still exist as there is still racial tension. Though there has been some progress, it is sometimes seemingly miniscule.
Some of the major events that have occurred that have to do with race can be found in these websites.
The first is the election of the first Negro to American presidency.
In the sporting world, baseball is currently losing more and more black players.
There are still white people that feel that they are victims of black people and there is still an active Ku Klux Klan.
Martin Luther King, Jr. asked for non-violent solutions to help African-Americans.
Rosa Parks, a black woman, would not move to the back of a bus to give up her seat to a white person and was considered one of the first lady’s of human rights activism for African Americans.
People still live in communities that are labeled as African-American and many are seen as people that have limited family life and resources.