Humanities (General)

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Above all, it helps in gaining a distinctive insight into individual community, in addition to, the wider global perspective of the world’s diverse cultures. This paper presents a study of two cultural events, the Carnival in Rio de Janiero and the Hogbetsotso Festival in Ghana. In addition, it presents how these events are related to what is learned about ideas, culture and the arts in humanities. These cultural events were experienced through watching internet videos (YouTube), which is an available form of media. In this regard, it was possible to see and hear the events. This paper also presents a description of the main cultural event (the Carnival in Rio de Janiero) as it reflects the culture of origin. This entails the ideas, beliefs and practices of the people. It presents the historical accounts of the cultural event and the similarities it has to another selected cultural event (the Hogbetsotso Festival) in a separate part of the world – Ghana. This is, in addition to, whether the Carnival in Rio de Janiero event is influenced by other cultures or whether it influenced other cultures. Finally, this paper presents a conclusion of its findings.
The Carnival in Rio de Janiero is a 4 day cultural event that occurs annually 40 days previous to Easter – which symbolizes the beginning of Lent. However, the set dates for this cultural event alternate annually with regard to the date of Easter. In most cases, this cultural event is commemorated towards the end of February (Camões, 2012). I did not attend this event in person but acquired the opportunity to watch the activities via internet video (YouTube). Though, experiencing the event live would have been more appealing as compared to watching a recorded event, I still managed to acquired a brilliant experience considering that the video recordings were most recent and much more professionally