Human Trafficking Awareness for Schools

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Save the children and youth movement-Raise awareness about human trafficking Save the children and youth is a movement in US and has an ongoing effort on gender based violence and raising public awareness about the plight of human trafficking victims in the rural communities. Plans are underway to organize campaigns every year. I intend to raise two national campaigns to raise awareness on human trafficking in communities as well as in schools, as the US is increasingly becoming a transits point for human traffickers. As an activist, I believe that the only important component in addressing human trafficking in schools is my massive involvement in massive awareness campaigns in order to prevent the trafficking of women and girls from our townships and rural communities. The key strategies in my plan consist of: Workshops Trainings and Public awareness campaigns Aims The aims of this campaign are to mobilize the communities and grass root social movements that combats slavery as well as human trafficking through community activism. My group has employed innovative solutions to every individual in fighting and linking violence against women and children with human trafficking in their own backyards across the country. … gn which I am intending to launch will have the name they too have a voice as women and children are trafficked for labor and sexual exploitations. There have been increased cases of domestic trafficking in US and more especially the young boys and girls are routinely trafficked from rural areas and taken to the urban areas where they are abused and exploited as domestic workers, they work in the fishing and mining industries, commercial agriculture not mentioning sexual exploitation. This rally invites local artists and schools in order to develop materials that address properly trafficking and applying it to the community and the local context (Nicalo 6). Posters, calendars, stickers, T-shits, brochures’ and caps shall also be distributed in all the major cities across the townships, and rural communities. Educational materials will also be developed in the local languages of the different communities and this will be done in order to foster a better comprehension of the subject matter within the different communities in the country. Some 10,000 minors in the United States are enslaved for labor, or even sexually abused with Florida been among the top three human trafficker’s destinations. You find that most of the victims go unnoticed by neighbors, teachers and even the police they encounter. Many families have lived in vain not knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones hence this is something which is traumatizing so much. We need to educate school districts, many activists and organizations have to come in to try and stop this growing menace in our country. As women activists’, we have to rise up and protect our children. My drive to becoming activists was fuelled by a story I read about one Allison Good, 32 years old. He was 5 years old the first