Human resourse

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Greenway Industries has employed members of both the families and began to grow and made huge profits. Later some issues took place in the firm due to existing reporting process. One of the female members (Kate) in the family believed that male dominated operation will reduce her privileges.The firm has 45 female employees, most of whom work in lower-level clerical positions or on the assembly line. Practically none are in middle or senior or professional positions. Donna’s board membership stands out as an isolated example of female authority.Kate is the daughter of Bob’s and Donna, married to Peter who is the chief finance officer. Kate is not a board member and works in the company’s accounts section on a casual basis when her work at home allows.Kate worked in a big law firm that had enlightened policies in relation to its female workers. She believes that a wholehearted approach to the preparation of the Agency report is called for and her values would make some kind of tokenistic report unacceptable. Kate has begun an informal campaign—mostly through some gentle pressure on her husband Peter and her mother—to have the firm take the reporting process seriously. Robert Lim sees Kate’s move as an attempt to find a spot on the board for her. Kate denies this but believes that her daughters have a genuine interest in joining the firm when they are older. This creates pressure for the board of directors from Donna because of Kate.A family owned business involves one or more family in ownership and control of the business. It is the oldest form of business organization. It is Asmall or medium-sized business that is controlled and operated by members of a family. It may be organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company. (Business definition for: Family business. 2009).Family owned