Human Resources of International Business Machines Corporation

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The issue of job satisfaction has been studied in connection with disciplines such as economics, psychology, management science, and sociology.A good employer is one who would ensure that his employees are satisfied because satisfaction is closely related to their labor markets behavior such as quits, productivity and absenteeism. Research shows that job satisfaction predicts if an employee will quit just like in case of wages.It is therefore imperative to study the determinants of job satisfaction. In this study focus will be an aspect of job satisfaction with age, the degree in the field of study and the educational level of employment of persons working in different sectors of the economy (Clark et. al).There have been different attitudes of people towards job satisfaction in International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). Researchers have indicated that job satisfaction is affected by the factors like educational factors for example degree status, situation factors for example workplace situations and biological factors like age. Employees in this company give varying results on job satisfaction. They claim that the companies do not have a good paymaster and annual appraisal.This study is trying to determine how age and education level are related to the level of job satisfaction of employees in this company. The research proposal is based on some crucial questions which will be a guide to the research. The humanitarian aspect is one angle that helps people to look at job satisfaction in detail. All employees regardless of the level in which they are should be treated well and respected as it contributes to their wellbeing. From the utilitarian aspect, job satisfaction may affect how employees behave and this may have either positive or negative effects on productivity depending on how a worker feels when they are being treated.The study will focus on the workers who are in the human resource department. The sample size used for data collection was very small from the employees in the Human resources department.