Human Resources Manager Salary

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HRD comprises a team of HR personnel that take care of different aspects of HR management. Some of the roles in this team include HR Director, HR Manager, and HR Coordinator. Large and complex organizations may have even more people taking care of distinct areas of HR Management, whereas small enterprises may delegate all responsibilities to one or two people that comprise the whole HR department.
Owing to the multiplicity and diversity of job responsibilities assigned to the HR personnel, many organizations find it hard to establish what academic qualification should be made compulsory for hiring HR personnel. Nevertheless, “the qualification expected from an HR manager is an MBA with specialization in HR/Personnel Management or a masters degree from TISS or XLRI. For others in the HR department, a basic degree and a certification issued by the NIPM, or by a recognized university are the desirable requirements” (Aswathappa 14). An HR Manager on average gets paid $60,153 per year in the US (“Human Resources”).
Generally, the job responsibilities of an individual working in the HR department include the recruitment of new employees, administration, assigning the employees tasks, and getting them equipped with the required resources. Each of these responsibilities is discussed in detail as follows:
Recruitment is one of the most critical stages in any organization since recruitment is the process through which people are hired into the organization as employees. In order to select the right team of professionals, it is imperative that the recruitment process is crafted in such a way those right people are appointed in the right positions. There are different ways to recruit employees that vary depending upon the demand of the position. Some of the ways of recruitment include online interviews and face-to-face interviews.