Human Resources Management

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However, there are areas of significant importance – like training – that have been excluded from the control of Personnel Department and are organized into separate units within the organization. Due to the above phenomenon as well as to the delays in the firm’s development – which have been caused by the dysfunction of the Personnel Department – the examination and the evaluation of the role of the latter have been considered as necessary especially given the extremely competitive conditions that characterize the UK market.
Current Personnel Function of Highway Stores Ltd is based in the firm’s head office in Midlands. Furthermore, the specific department comprises a Personnel Manager, a Personnel Officer and 3 Personnel Administrators. The main duties of the staff include the control of all issues related to the firm’s human resource management except the payroll sector which has been incorporated in the Finance Department. The Personnel Function reports directly to the Legal Director.
Another significant problem is created by the fact that there is not a specific provision for the training of the head offices’ personnel (training programs as designed and developed by the Training function involves only the employees of the store network).
On the other hand, the Personnel function has not proceeded to the design and implementation of a specific problem-solving procedure but there is a standard internal policy that whenever a problem arises, a guidance is issued.
Moreover, the lack of appropriate qualifications of the Personnel staff can be viewed as a severe disadvantage of the specific department while due to this fact, most of the problems arising in the human resources field have to be faced by the only qualified person of the department, its Manager. It’s for this reason that Personnel Manager is not available for his managers whenever his intervention is requested by the&nbsp.Personnel staff.&nbsp.