Human Resources Management Planning a Meeting

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Similarly, my deputy and the admin assistant are invited. Further, the HR manager has to represent the employees and air their grievances. The chief compliance officer is to be invited so that the relevant laws and regulations are explained.

The objectives of the meeting would be to ensure that the safety standards are being followed and that the company is not violating any laws that deal with the same. Further, an action plan to address the lack of safety standards and how to redress the same has to be part of the objectives. Assigning responsibilities to the relevant members is a priority item as well.

Hence, the agenda would mainly consist of identifying potential areas where the company is found wanting and take steps to address the same. The employee side of the story would have to be discussed with the HR manager and the Manufacturing manager has to install the disabled-friendly workspaces on the factory floor. The compliance officer has to report to the regulators on the progress of the action items.&nbsp.