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Global HyattIntercontinental Hotels Group
On the website of the particular firm information related to recruitment is included in the Careers sub-section of the website. The first page of the particular sub-section is quite analytical showing the categories of the section’s themes, such as information on the organization’s culture, analytical presentation of the conditions of work and the terms of promotion/ rewarding in the organization and a search option for checking for available positions. By clicking on the category ‘About us’ the visitor can be informed on the organization’s culture. within this category, there is an option ‘Our Employer Brand’ that explains to the visitors all aspects of the culture that has led the organization to success. Moreover, using the option/ category ‘Job Search’ the visitor can check the current vacancies across the firm’s hotels worldwide. The most important characteristic of the firm is its clarity. all themes related to the firm’s recruitment are presented clearly to the visitor so that no issue of misunderstanding or lack of information, meaning that no gap can be identified in the specific website as of the content, i.e. the information provided to visitors.
Global Hyatt
The recruitment process of Global Hyatt is described in the section ‘Careers’, as available on the home page of the organization’s website. The specific website provides a high range of information, covering the needs of visitors to be informed on the firm’s culture, as included in the ‘Explore Hyatt’ section of the website, but also the needs of employees for checking vacancies in the firm’s units worldwide. In fact, vacancies can be identified using the ‘Apply now’ option of the website’s home page. The firm’s existing vacancies are of two categories: within the US and outside the US. in other words, the firm’s website allows the visitors to search for vacancies based primarily on the geographical characteristics of each of these positions. Particular emphasis should be given to the provision of the visitors’ information on the firm’s culture, as this is related with the firm’s ‘mission and values.’